Mardi Gras 3pk


This trio is a light, a dark and a french roast! 3 bags for 40$! It’s worth throwing beads at!

Light Roast- “Moon Juice”…Tangy & Complex flavors. Full rich breakfast-style blend. Slightly acid and nutty, it’s a lunar orchestra of flavors

Dark Roast- “Cartel”…Bold & Empowering. Smooth rich blend of full bodied beans. Used in the “hammer” this blend will keep you motivated

French Roast- “Special Dark Heavy Metal”…Upbeat & full bodied. Robust blend roasted to edge of rich darkness. This blend is our first choice for Cold brew or French press coffee that will rock your mornings

 *Comes GROUND–please make a note in the order if you prefer whole bean or preference in grind.

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